My Philosophy On Reviews

When customers leave a bad review

Jenkinstown Motors isn’t for everyone.

When I get a bad review

Recently the topic of “reviews” has come up for me. When I get a “bad” review, the person who manages my website and internet presence contacts me right away. He tells me “we” got a bad review. He takes it personal I think, or he is just very protective. He sends the review to me and asks “what do you want to do?” I will read the review and respond, “oh yeah, that person, I kind of saw that coming.” I will go into detail about the interaction and say, “I am not interested in going back and forth over the internet with this customer, they just weren’t the right fit for Jenkinstown Motors.” The way I do business and the way they would like business to be done is different.

I’m not for everyone

Having been self employed for over 35 years, one of the things I learned about 20 years ago is, I am not for everyone. Nor is the Pope, or the President or anyone else for that matter. So when I opened Jenkinstown Motors back in 1989, the world of the internet and reviews was not what it is today, and I have to make a choice sometimes. Do I keep true to myself and my business philosophy at the cost of the occasional bad review, or do I change what I feel is right to accommodate the rare disgruntled customer to protect myself from getting a bad review?

Staying true

For the customers that are the “right fit,” I have no choice but to keep true to what I feel is right. As long as there are enough customers, and Jenkinstown Motors keeps growing at the rate it has been, then I know I am doing the right thing and I can live with the occasional bad review every couple of years.

If you have any thoughts on this subject, your comments are welcomed below.

Thank you,
Scott Cullen
President, Jenkinstown Motors Inc.

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Owner of Jenkinstown Motors, a small auto repair shop located in upstate New York. Specializing in Japanese car repair and supporting the New Paltz community for over 30 years with exceptional service.